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Application Procedure

Applying to the MSc Programme (60 ECTS) in Human Factors and Systems Safety is a two-stage process. Step one is the actual application to the programme. Step two is where you validate your previous education credentials in order to be able to graduate with a MSc degree upon finishing your studies with us. Please note that it is possible to take this programme without a previous BSc degree, however then also without being able to graduate with a formal MSc degree. If you are applying without having a previous BSc degree you will not have to go through step two.

Step one - applying to the programme

In order to apply for the MSc. Programme (60 ECTS) in Human Factors and Systems Safety, please follow this link to the application form and then follow the instructions. Following the submission of your application your boss will also get an email requiring her or him to approve your application. The deadline for application is October 15.   

To fulfill the application process, your company needs to issue a purchase order for the first academic year adressed to: Lund University Commissioned Education, Att: Victoria Rydengård, Box 117, 221 00 Lund, Sweden (VAT-number: SE202100321101). You can also e-mail the purchase order to: The purchase order should include the following:

  • Your company's invoice address
  • Contact person with phone number and email address
  • Specification of the first year tuition fee.
  • A purchase order number for our reference when sending the invoice to you 

We would also like you to send a CV and a 500 word letter explaining why you are applying to our master program and what you expect to get out of your studies with us at Lund University.

Send the CV and letter to:

Email adress: (please also cc

Step two - validating your previous education credentials.

Validating your previous higher education credentials is important if you want to graduate from Lund University with a formal MSc (60 ECTS) degree. This process takes place outside of the Lund University structure and is managed by the Swedish Council for Higher Education. 

In order to validate your education credentials, you will need to create an account at The online form for this specific programme will then be available by clicking this link.

Please note: 

  • This is a formal process in which you are required to document your eligibility in different ways depending on in which country your previous academic degree was issued. For detailed instructions of what documents to submit please study the information provided here carefully. Formal mistakes in the process might lead to delays in getting your documents validated.
  • If your education credentials are evaluated and found to not make you eligible to receive a MSc degree you can still take our programme. However, you will be issued a course testimony rather than a formal MSc degree upon finishing.
  • If the documents you provide are not sufficient to prove you eligible to receive a MSc degree you will be able to submit additional documents at a later stage to have your case re-evaluated.
  • If you submit your documents before October 15 you should be able to get a decision before the programme start in January.
  • You can submit your documents and have your eligibility evaluated after October 15, but will in that case not have a decision before the programme start in January.
  • Step two does not count as an application to our programme. You will have to also complete step one described above.
  • If you are an EU citizen you are exempt from fees in this process, but must document your status as a citizen. More info about how here. If you are a non-EU citizen and will have to pay the fee (of 900 SEK), info about how is published here.
  • For this programme you can disregard the requirement to prove your English skills in the application process. 

Once you have proved your eligibility Lund University will register this in your student files which will then make you able to graduate with a MSc (60 ECTS) degree upon finishing all our mandatory courses including the MSc thesis.