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26 November 2021

Former students again proving their capabilities in getting their work published in our academic field

16 March 2021

A new podcast has several episodes with our alumni and teachers

26 February 2021

We typically give a learning laboratory in June. However, due to the ongoing covid crisis we have decided to postpone this learning lab and hope that we will instead be able to welcome students as well as external participants to Lund in September (20-24).  Application to this learning lab; The Ethics of Safety, is now open. More information is [...]

14 August 2020

Michael St. Pierre just published the results of his MSc thesis in BMC Medical Education

9 April 2020

New dates: September 14-18, 2020

19 December 2019

We are happy to announce that our former student Carsten Busch has been awarded the 2019 Swedish Process Safety Association price for best MSc thesis within the field of process safety. He receives the award for his thesis Heinrich’s Local Rationality: Shouldn’t ‘New View’ Thinkers Ask Why Things Made Sense To Him?. The thesis is available here and [...]

3 June 2019

Jean Christophe Le Coze has published a paper based on the discussions held at our student-organized learning laboratory in Utrecht, May 2018.

13 February 2019

Yet another sign of the high-quality work by our students

4 December 2018

Our former MSc student Viji Vijayan has been awarded the Swedish Process Safety Association price for best MSc thesis within the field of process safety. We are so proud of her achievements and happy to see the acknowledgement she gets for her hard work.  Viji's thesis: Exploring goal conflicts and how they are managed in a biomedical laboratory [...]

30 January 2018

On January 22-26 we held our first learning laboratory of 2018. It was a truly inspiring week with participants coming in from various European countries, Canada, the US, Australia and Brazil. A total of 35 participants from a great number of high-risk industries were able to establish an environment in which we learned so much from each other's [...]