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First learning lab of 2018

– Published 30 January 2018

On January 22-26 we held our first learning laboratory of 2018. It was a truly inspiring week with participants coming in from various European countries, Canada, the US, Australia and Brazil. A total of 35 participants from a great number of high-risk industries were able to establish an environment in which we learned so much from each other's experiences. We all left with several critical perspectives to the way safety is managed in our respective organisations.

This learning lab also marked the start of our 2018 class of MSc students in Human Factors and Systems Safety. 17 new students are now entering the distance-based phase of their studies; with lots of online interaction with each other and our LU mentors.

We already look forward to our next learning lab in June; but also this year we will give the opportunity of participating in an additional learning lab, organized by Lund University in collaboration with the Dutch railway service provider DS. The dates will be early May. Stay tuned for more information on that.