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Academic paper published by our MSc students

Yet another sign of the high-quality work by our students

– Published 13 February 2019

At Lund University we are proud to see that several of our MSc students have such high quality in their MSc theses that they can go ahead and publish parts of them as academic papers in peer-reviewed journals. This time it is Christopher Neuhaus and Dag Erik Lutnaes who has gotten a review article published in Cognition Technology and Work; one of the core journals in our field. Their thesis supervisor, Johan Bergström, has co-authored the article with the students.

Christopher, a German anesthesiologist, and Dag Erik, a Norwegian anesthesiology nurse, has written a literature review critiquing the academic construction of medical teamwork; arguing that it fails to consider the development of Safety Science since the last 30 or so years. The literature review is part of their MSc thesis which focuses on comparing the perception of teamwork in obstetric care in an African setting vs. a western European setting. 

The literature review is open access and found here: