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Programme cost and entry requirements

This MSc programme (60 ECTS) is based on commissioned education, meaning it is intended for employers who wish to send their employees for further education. Swedish law does not allow students to pay for their own education, so we will need information from your employer about your sponsorship for the studies.

The tuition fee for the course starting 2023 is 87 000 sek for every 30 ECTS that a student is registered with the University. Consequently, the total fee for the program is 174 000 sek. The tuition fee does not include cost for books, travel or accommodation. 

To qualify for the MSc degree (60 ECTS), a previous Bachelor's Degree, approved by the Swedish Council for Higher Education. Those without a prior Bachelor's Degree are welcome to take the entire MSc programme for credit, and will be awarded a Testimonium upon completion.