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University world rankings

Lund University is highly ranked in many international comparisons of higher education and has been consistently placed in the world's top 100 universities in recent years (placed among the top 0.4% of the world's universities).

You find more, and frequently updated, information about the Lund University rankings at this page.

Travel to and in Lund

Lund is a small, old University town just north of Malmö, on the Swedish side of the Öresund which separates Denmark from Sweden. Lund University was founded in 1666 and we have more than 40 000 students. 

Copenhagen airport (CPH) has a direct train link to Lund, which takes about 45 minutes. Please check with There you type CPH airport and “Lund C” for Lund, in order to find train times. You can purchase train tickets at CPH airport.

When in Lund, a lot can be done on foot. Our learning laboratories are held at different locations in the town, but regardless of where we will be for the specific learning lab that you are visiting, you can be sure the facility is easily reached by foot from your hotel. There is also the possibility to get a so called 'JOJO card' to load with money and then use for public transportation, or to rent bikes. A one-year seasonal card costs 75 SEK (like 10 USD) and for that you get to pick up a bike at one of the many bicycle stations and then leave it at another (you have 30 minutes of biking for free). 

To learn more about Lund, please have a look at this article from the New York Times.

Centrally located hotels

All prices below are indications.

Lilla Hotellet i Lund
Bankgatan 7
Telephone: +4646-32 88 88
Fax: +46-46-38 58 68
Single room 1180-1280 SEK, double room 1280-1380 SEK

Hotell Ahlström
Skomakaregatan 3
Telephone/Fax: +46-46-211 01 74.
Single room 695 SEK, double room 850 SEK

Hotel Överliggaren
Bytaregatan 14
Telephone: +46-46-15 72 30
Fax: 046-14 93 48
Single room 695 SEK, double room 850 SEK

Concordia Hotel
Stålbrogatan 1
Telephone: +46-46-13 50 50.
Fax: +46-46-13 74 22
Single room 1420 SEK, double room 1620

Hotel Oskar
Bytaregatan 3
Telephone: +46-46-18 80 85
Single room 1295 SEK, double room 1595 SEK

Hotel Duxiana
S:t Petri kyrkogata 7
Centralt beläget.
Telephone: +46-46-13 55 19
Fax: +46-46-13 56 71
Single room 1395 SEK, double room 1595 SEK

Grand Hotel
Bantorget 1 (across from the railway station)
Telephone: +46-46-280 61 00
Fax: +46-46-280 61 50
Single room 1450-1850 SEK, double room 1950-2250 SEK

Hotel Lundia
Knut den Stores torg 2 (across from the railway station)
Telephone: +46-46-280 65 00.
Fax: +46-46-280 65 10
Single room 1350-1825 SEK, double room 1650-2125 SEK

You can book a room in either Grand Hotel and Hotel Lundia at their shared booking department on Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.
Telephone: +46-46-280 62 00,
Fax: +46-46-280 64 30

Other hotels

Hotel Djingis Khan
Margaretavägen 7C. ca 1,5 km from the city center. Take bus number 3 toward Nöbbelöv.
Telephone: +46-46-33 36 00
Fax: +46-46-33 36 10
Single room 1325 SEK, double room 1515

First Hotel Planetstaden
Dalbyvägen 38. 1,5 km from the city center. Take bus 3 toward Linero. Totally non-smoking hotel.
Telephone: +46-46-280 01 00
Fax: +46-46-280 01 99
Single room 1400 SEK, double room 1600 SEK

Ibis Hotel Lund
Förhandlingsvägen 4. 2,5 km from the city center. Take bus number 4 and 20 toward Gunnesbo, number 5 to Pilsåker
Telephone: +46-46-31 36 30
Fax: +46-46-30 76 84
Room 735 SEK, breakfast 65 SEK

Scandic Hotel Star Lund
Glimmervägen 5
Take bus 3 toward Linero or 5 toward Gastelyckan.
Telephone: +46-46-285 25 00
Fax: +46-46-285 25 11
Single room 1350-1850 SEK, double room 1450-1950 SEK

All prices mentioned below are indications.

University Guest House, Sparta

Ingela Hallberg, Serviceassistent,
Tunavägen 39, Lund
Take bus 1 toward Östra Torn or bus 6 toward Mårtens Fälad.
Telephone: +46-46-2223033
Fax: +46-46-2223055

If there are no rooms available in the Guest House, you can check the hotel underneath it:

Hotel Sparta
Tunavägen 39, Lund
Take bus 1 toward Östra Torn or bus 6 toward Mårtens Fälad.
Telephone: +46-46-19 16 00
Fax: +46-46-12 85 25
Singe room 740 SEK, Double room 950 SEK

Ideon Gästeri
Sölvegatan 28. Located next to the Design Center where classes will be held, 2 km from the city center. Take Bus number 20 or 21 toward Brunnshög. Smoke-free hotel.
Telephone: +46-46-211 79 00
Fax: 46-46-15 70 66
Single room 1295 – 1395 SEK, double room 1495:-SEK

Bed & Breakfast in Lund

You can also book Bed & Breakfast rooms in Lund at the Lund Tourist Office. The rooms are in houses or apartments of private owners. The price includes a continental breakfast, sheets and towel but bathrooms and toilets are shared with other guest or the host.
The price is 300 SEK per night for a single room and 500 SEK for a double room. A booking fee of 50 SEK will be added.

To book:
Telephone: +46-46-355011