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Our students keep cooperating after graduation


Our MSc degree in Human Factors and System Safety not only contributes to personal development and career paths, it also gives our students a wide network across high-risk domains.

In a recent cooperation our Canadian graduates Wrae Hill, manager of Human Factors and System Safety at Interior Health and Kathy Fox, appointed chair of the Canadian Transportation Safety Bureau, have initiated cooperation between the fields of patient safety and air traffic safety. They have looked at transitions of subjects (patients or aircraft) between actors (health care professionals or air traffic controllers) in a project in which they are learning from each other's field of practices. They have recently presented some findings with this poster at the BC Quality Forum and they will keep cooperating and have been invited to do further presentations of their common work. 

We believe that this is a great example of our saying 'once a student always a student'. The two years of studies with us is only the beginning of the rest of a working life of constantly exploring the fields of safety practice, now with a network of professionals from a whole host of industries.

For some informative videos of the work that Wrae Hill is involved in please follow the following two youtube links:

Also, if you are interested in the MSc theses by these two graduates, here are the links: