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Johan Bergström interviewed


Photo: Fraunhofer IAO Ludmilla Parsyak Photography

During Wednesday (25 March) and Thursday (26 March) Johan Bergström, director of the Lund University MSc. Programme in Human Factors and System Safety, made several appearances in media (radio, TV and paper) to discuss the recent Germanwings aviation tragedy.

All the media appearances happened before the French prosecutor had confirmed the conclusion that the first officer of the flight was alone in the cockpit when the plane descended and eventually crashed in the Alps. 

Below are links to the media events, all in Swedish:

Radio interview from P1 Morgon, Sveriges Radio P1, 25 March: (scroll down to find the right clip)

Radio interview from VakenSveriges Radio P4 Malmöhus, 25 March

Radio interview from P4 Extra, Sveriges Radio P4, 25 March: 

Radio interview from Ekot, Sveriges Radio P1, 26 March