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About us

Founded in complexity theory and systems thinking, the Laboratory rises above the disciplinary boundaries that today hold us back in attacking problems of risk and safety that were created largely within single research traditions. The narrowing understanding of accountability that leads to increasing criminalization of "human error," based on modernist conceptions of individualism and blame, is one of those problems. The unpredictable nature of accidents beyond our current safety boundary of 10-7  using Newtonian-Cartesian models is another. The common regression to a hunt for broken components in deeply complex socio-technical systems where relationships between cause and effect are no longer straightforward, is yet another.

None of these problems can satisfactorily be attacked within a single tradition. The Leonardo da Vinci Laboratory for Complexity and Systems Thinking brings together ideas, practitioners and researchers to tackle problem areas ranging from resilience, accident- and systems modeling, reactions to failure, and accountability. Please check the tabs above to learn about our research, education and publications, and see for yourself which exciting possibilities you might want to engage in—so that you and your organization can benefit from stimulating discussion, scientific growth and practical progress.